Top 10 Aquisition Channels for Indie makers

Written by Tham | 2021-Nov-25


Customer acquisition is the key for every indie makers. Acquiring first hundred paying customers are the number one challenge. You may not be having a huge budget to spend on paid channels to acquire your customers. So the big question is, how to acquire the first 100 customers. In this article, I am going to explain the channels available to you for reaching out to the right audience without burning your pocket.

Community driven

Recently I got an opportunity to read the book called 'The Minimalist Entrepreneur'. The fundamental step to kick start your digital business journey is to start with your community. If there is nothing, you need to find one or build one to drive your journey. When you start your digital business journey, you need to start simple and small.

Acquisition channels

Channels are nothing but the medium through which you can reach your potential users or customers. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are some of the channels that you can use for your business growth. Channels are NOT made for your product. But products are made for the channels. This means that, we can't control the channels and its behaviors. But our product can be built based on the product and channel fit strategy.

Next, I will explain the top 10 acquisition channels available to you for maximizing your reach without any particular order.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a platform for showcasing your products. It listdown tech products and apps on a data basis. Product Hunt helps lots of creators and makers to launch their product more confidently. You can easily get feedback about your product. This also offers voting system through which you will get an opportunity to list your product on top of the chart. Product Hunt was acquired by Angellist recently.

Key features

  • List your product
  • Engage with fellow makers and rank your product
  • Create a lead page with ship it feature
  • Comments and share opinion on other products
  • Connect with other makers and learn from them

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a best place to share the stories of your product. It also offers a verified earnings and tips from many early stage startups. Indie Hackers provides a forum support to collaborate with fellow makers and get advice from them. This platform can be used to engage fellow community makers and convert them as your early paying customers.

Key features

  • Post your product
  • Makers interview
  • Forum and discussions
  • Collaborate with fellow makers




Killer startups

Beta page

Side projects




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